Help for Business Owners thinking about selling their company

Business Owner Report

  • Provides timely insights for current business owners about the state of market for selling a business
  • Includes recent survey results complied from hundreds of business advisors that can help business owners better understand their selling options
  • Introduces key concepts and terminology about selling a business, so owners feel more knowledgeable before starting the sale process

Evaluate your readiness to sell your business with MyPath

  • MyPath is a tool that helps business owners identify and evaluate personal goals and exit planning strategies
  • Receive a report of your MyPath findings along with a customized recommendation of next steps in your business transition
  • Receive a Preparation Guide for what to do before listing your business for sale to maximize the offer price and increase the likelihood of a successful close

Referral Services

  • Complete a confidential background survey about your business and your needs
  • Discuss your specific situation (and your MyPath results, if you completed the assessment) with a member of our team, so we can make the best possible referrals for you.
  • We connect you with trusted professionals in the industry so you can begin the sale process.

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