Unprecedented capabilities for LMM and SMB transactions

Upgrade from email, a dataroom, and tracking spreadsheet to:

Real-time, full deal status with 24/7 visibility

You’ll never have to pull together a manual deal status again. Meet with your client right on the platform to review up-to-the-minute status and outstanding tasks.

True collaboration

True collaboration within and between the full sellside and buy-side teams, with 100% task ownership and status. Increase your output and efficiency— and close more deals faster.

A personal dashboard for every user

Ensure that your participant’s tasks are simple, clear, and easy to complete and their assignments appear in their inboxes instantaneously.

Custom deal templates

Set up and start each deal quickly, efficiently, and easily—and customize deal templates and keep them private to your firm.

Full deal archives

Full deal archives, where all deal activity, communications, and files are captured and retained. Build a valuable, detailed database of all your firm’s deals for analysis and future reference.


Analytics, with unprecedented new information and capabilities. Get access to forecasting, benchmarking, and resource planning features-- and so much more.

Computer Monitor showing DealWare software screen

Optimize your deal process today.