The Company

We are deal people, M&A advisors who help business owners grow, market, and sell their companies.  Like you, we experienced the inherent challenges of this type of work: adapting to the unique characteristics of each deal, answering 3 AM emails, scrambling because of dropped deliverables, and uncertainty about the state of projects at any given moment. The process of getting from engagement to close was inefficient, at best.

When we stepped back and looked at the main causes for these challenges and the effect they had on deal outcomes, we realized that the use of industry standard tools (tracking spreadsheets, email, and VDRs) to manage such a complex process, was holding us back.

The Problem

Current tools and process limit firms’ effectiveness and ability to scale

DealWare is the Solution

In order to optimize the deal process, we needed everyone working on the deal to utilize the same platform, with integrated tools for communications, secure data sharing and storage, real-time status and progress metrics, embedded workflows, and analytics that would help us improve our process in the future.  DealWare was built to do exactly that.

As a result, we have decreased costs and reduced workloads significantly. Every task is assigned and moved internally from start to finish. The M&A advisor managing the process can provide status and progress updates at any time.  And because everything is logged, the data can be used to evaluate and improve your process.

Optimize your deal process today.