"Do I have to cancel that dinner… again?"

“How am I supposed to get a status for every
deal item together for the meeting tomorrow?”

We’ve been where you are, and had to ask ourselves these questions. Guiding an M&A deal to close is an extremely complicated project, where you’re expected to setup the project, produce data, manage other’s work output, and keep your eye on the high-level work and the details simultaneously. Those difficulties and questions are why we developed DealWare.

Upgrade your deals to M&A 2.0 with the comprehensive platform that ensures that every task, every file, and every contributor are working within a unified system with a single goal: Do better deals.

For a typical deal:  3+ months, 10+ firms, 60+ individuals

Without DealWare:

  • 29,000 emails, 18,000 attachments
  • 1,000’s of files to manage, scattered on user’s desktops and multiple storage locations
  • Dozens of uncoordinated tools, platforms, systems and logins
  • 70,000+ individual action items (30,000+ unnecessary, busywork or duplications)
  • 7 different logins to complete a project

With DealWare:

1 Process
Better Results
1 Platform
Complete Visibility

DealWare streamlines and retains the work of every deal contributor onto one central, integrated platform:

Project and User setup and maintenance facilitated by trained DealWare staff

All deal contributors working and communicating on one integrated platform

Each user’s access, visibility and activity permissions set and managed across the entire project

Each user’s Dashboard dynamically shows all tasks in their court

Real-time status and reporting updated automatically as work is completed

Keep every contributor focused on their highest value-added work

Task ownership at every step through completion

All project work and activity is archived for analysis and auditing

Complete more deals each year

With M&A 2.0, running better deals means and closing more deals. DealWare integrates the work and communications of every deal contributor onto one interactive platform, providing the real-time ownership, status and the total collective work for every task on the project through to completion. This vastly reduces the amount of busywork each contributor is required to do, freeing them up to do a better job, faster.

All of this means that you get deals done better and with fewer man-hours; closing more deals every year.

Close the deal at half the cost

M&A deals are large, extremely complicated projects with up to half of all man-hours expended on overhead and inefficient processes like having to status and report on the same items over and over, reconstructing communications from dozens of nested email chains, work spent on the wrong versions of files, delays from dropped tasks, work stranded on user desktops, etc.  Let DealWare keep the project in sync and you focused on high-value, quality work, not on overhead and busywork.

DealWare significantly reduces project costs and schedule delays by automatically providing reporting, statusing, distribution of communications, task ownership, task handoff and file management directly as work is completed, so  you get all of the value with no extra effort. In addition, our expert project setup means that every project and user will be setup according to your specifications, with permissioning and access controlled project-wide, without you having to manage tedious user and system administration.

Improve your process each and every deal

With all task and user activity tracked, time-stamped and retained from start to finish, DealWare offers unprecedented levels of insight, analysis and process improvement for your team and deal process.

Monitor and improve your firm’s performance over time and start and track new deals to a predictive estimation of progress and completion date.

We’ve spent years developing the processes, tools and insights in DealWare to solve the immense challenges you face every day.  Upgrade your deal process to M&A 2.0 today by contacting us for more information and get set up with your very own demo project in DealWare to get your entire team up and running in no time.