Transform your M&A process with DealWare

June 2020: DealWare partners with AM&AA to produce industry survey and report about the impact of COVID-19.

DealWare is a comprehensive software platform enabling M&A firms to close more deals while substantially reducing costs

Easy deal setup

Entire deal team working on one integrated platform

User permissions control access and visibility

Customized dashboard for each user

Real-time deal status, progress updates and archives

Notifications ensure all work keeps moving

Task ownership at every step

Analytics drive deal optimization and process improvement

The entire deal on one platform – start to finish

DealWare integrates and streamlines the deal processes on a single platform, from preparing your client, to signing the best buyer, to accelerating diligence and close.

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See your deals like never before

  • The entire deal on one page
  • Embedded analytics
  • Status deliverables in real-time
  • Adjust staff workloads with a click
  • Archive all deal activity
  • Securely exchange all critical documents

Improve your deal process

M&A deals are unique and complex. DealWare improves tracking, logistics, communications, and analysis on a single platform so you can get to the closing table faster and with better ROI. You will never want to manage deals the old way again!

Sell-side and buy side on one platform

Embedded workflows

In-app notifications

Real-time status updates on all tasks

Flexible setup to match your process

Track every task from start to finish

Unlimited number of users

Feedback for process improvement

Secure document transfer and storage

Improve your deal process today!