Leadership Team


Bill McCalpin

Founder | Entrepreneurship, M&A Strategy, M&A Advisory

Bill McCalpin

Founder, CEO
Entrepreneurship, M&A Strategy, M&A Advisory

After 20 years in corporate management, Mr. McCalpin successfully founded, grew and sold two of his own companies before transitioning to Director of M&A for 6 years at an enterprise-level, strategic buyer. Transitioning to M&A Advisory and Consulting Services, he found that the chaotic processes and internal confusion that he had found previously was present in all parts of the M&A field. He helped guide tool development to address these shortcomings, and is pleased that he can now offer the insights gained throughout his career to the entire M&A Consulting industry through DealWare. Mr. McCalpin holds an MSEE from Santa Clara University, a BSEE from UC Santa Barbara, a CExP certification in Exit Planning, is a member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, and provides advisory services to the Boards of Directors for many firms.


Galway Traynor

Founder | Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, M&A Advisory

Galway Traynor

Founder, VP Operations
Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, M&A Advisory

Galway began his career working in Data Analysis and Research Design in academic and corporate contexts. Dealing with large data sets and designing research to provide deep insights convinced him early on of the important of the data to knowledge to action flow. This learning led him to expand his area of focus to Business Intelligence, designing and helping to develop business logic engines designed to provide process optimization and actionable insights to companies. His consulting led him to the challenges facing small business owners in selling their companies, and the world of M&A consulting. Seeing a chance to apply the analytics and business intelligence principles to an industry that had largely depended on the same tools and methods for decades, he began designing solutions to industry shortcomings. Now, he’s excited to be a part of DealWare, offering the chance for the members of an entire industry to upgrade their processes. Galway holds an MA from University of Colorado – Boulder, a BA from Eckerd College, and certifications in multiple programming languages and M&A areas.

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