We know how hard it is to guide an M& A deal through the process. That’s why we’ve focused on improving the process, and providing tools that make it easier to improve the process. That focus is why we’ve made DealWare:

Easy to Engage With

Easy to Start Using

Easy to Keep Using

We want every deal you run to be upgraded to M&A 2.0, so that you can close more deals and be a hero to more clients. Our goal is to keep you focused on those items, while we take care of the overhead that could slow you down.


See DealWare in action and learn the tool

Our Demo process goes far beyond a bland video or basic wireframes. We populate a client instance for you and any other members of your firm that you request. This instance is prepopulated with sample data with cues for how to move things forward. This gives you a robust feel for how Deal-ware works, and the ways that it can help you. It also ensures that you and your firm are ready to hit the ground running when you begin a deal process using DealWare.

Begin an Engagement

Bring us in, and know that you’re going to be supported

We want you to feel confident and ready to hit the ground running when you sign up with us, as well as knowing that we’re going to have your back, every step of the way. With simple contracts, extensive onboarding resources, and an elegant interface, we make it simple to get started.

Run a Process

We setup, steer, and support, you go close a deal

Every step of the way, we’re here to provide you with the resources you need to optimize your deal. Whether that means walking you through every aspect of the setup process, providing vetted, ready to use templates, offering additional training on the M&A process and Deal-ware to you or your clients, or providing process and technical support throughout the deal, we’ve got what you need.

Close the Deal

Don’t just succeed, get better every time

After you’ve closed a deal and delighted your clients, it’s time to figure out how to work even better next time. As part of the Deal-ware service, we’ll provide you with a report on the work you’ve done, the issues that the deal faced, as well as any areas of critical need for next time. All of this is enabled by the unprecedented integration of data provided by the DealWare platform. We want every deal we do together to be one of your best deals, and we’re devoted to ensuring that you have the resources necessary to implement continuous improvement in your deal process.

Simple setup, robust support, and continuous improvement. Find out how you can begin your upgrade to M&A 2.0 by contacting us today.