Our company founders have years of experience in M&A and they’ve seen how the very processes and tools that are a part of the current M&A landscape inevitably lead to chaos. Scattered content, haphazard communications, and fractured work protocols threaten every deal and are sources of stress for every M&A advisor. Across all of their work with sellers, buyers, and other M&A advisors, they’ve seen the impact of this chaos affect many people, clients and advisors alike.


The problems we wanted to solve:

Money left on the table

Reduced ROI from M&A acquisitions

The cost and duration of a deal putting it in jeopardy

Deals fail due to work dynamics, deal fatigue, etc.

They lived in that world, and saw how many people were negatively impacted by M&A 1.0. They crafted tools and processes tailored to the problems that M&A professionals live with every day. These solutions helped move them to M&A 2.0, completing more deals through a better deal process. They decided that they wanted the chance to help an entire industry improve, and made the decision to develop their tools into a commercial offering with the help of industry leading development expertise. The result is DealWare.


We are dedicated to applying the M&A expertise of our team in concert with cutting-edge software to produce an offering that can help every advisor, every client, and every deal run smarter, faster, and better. We look forward to helping you upgrade your deal process to M&A 2.0.

Project Setup

The beginning of a deal process is one of the busiest times for you, and problems here can have far-reaching implications for the health of the project. That’s why DealWare provides expert setup services to each and every project. You provide us with simple guidance, and we implement communications, data storage, permissions, and workflow. Everything you need for a successful project that hits the ground running. Plus, with us handling the implementation, you’re freed to power through the first stages of the project and get a crucial head start.

Workflow & File Storage

Getting work done is what enables deals to succeed, and working to a process improves the likelihood of success. By implementing customizable workflows, and tying those workflows directly to the files that are produced, DealWare ensures that everyone works like a seasoned professional, while also vastly reducing the number of file versions, mislaid files, and file integrations that are necessary to get the work done. Reduced overhead and less confusion mean better results.

Reporting and Statusing

Reporting and statusing during a deal is a terrible situation. It distracts from vital work, while also being a crucial component of running a deal successfully. DealWare addresses this by leveraging our platform to integrate reporting and statusing with the actual completion of work. No more requests for statuses that are outdated by the time you get them, no more additional work on top of data production and analysis. Everyone simply does their work, and deal status reflects that in real time. We also provide a host of standard reports, ensuring that you’re never scrambling to figure out where you are and keeping you focused on where you’re going.


You know that M&A deals are collaborative projects with large teams. Having dozens of people spread across multiple firms makes communications challenging and can slow down the deal process overall. Further, dissemination of information over email and messaging services presents security risks in addition to process complications. Many projects feature 3 or more email providers and at least 3 communications beyond email. All of this leads to more logins and more chances for an important message to be lost in the shuffle. That’s why we designed DealWare to provide a robust communications platform that allows your discussions to be located with the work that you’re discussing. Better channels, better visibility, better communication, better process.

Analysis & Process Improvement

Each deal is unique, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a standard process that you follow, or that you can’t learn from each and every deal that you complete. Continuous Improvement is a core tenet of M&A 2.0, and DealWare offers unprecedented insight into your deal process and performance. With each aspect of the deal stored in a single system, continual analyses can be run to ensure that you’re on track, and once the deal is done, a comprehensive report on standout performers and areas for improvement will be provided. That way, each deal will be better than the last, each and every time.

DealWare was designed by M&A professionals for M&A professionals like you. We’ve had the problems you have and designed a solution to them. All so that we could do more and better deals. To get started contact us for more information or to setup your free demo instance of DealWare.